Our Programs

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Our Programs

The programs we participate in are not solely our own. We always partner with a local church, walking beside to work together to provide an engaging environment for youth to know, experience, and live out authentic faith.

Prescott Community Youth Group
We offer a safe place for youth to hang out, eat dinner, and participate in learning the spiritual disciplines of worship, community, prayer, meditation, and fun.

High School Alpha
In partnership with the local church, we empower church youth leaders to mentor their youth in running Alpha in schools.

Youth Culture Seminar
The annual Youth Culture Seminar exists to educate communities of the current issues affecting our youth, while sharing a Biblical worldview on the issue.

Mentoring (Pilot Program)
We offer youth and adults the opportunity to be matched up, learn and experience life together.

Church Consulting
We help ask the right questions and create a path forward for churches to re-engage the needs youth are facing in their own communities. A healthy church will have every age group included in their community.

Spring Youth Rally
In partnership with a local church we provide and help plan a youth rally every spring.

Mission Trips (coming soon)
We know that experiencing other cultures while sharing your talents and faith is a pivotal part of fostering life-long faith. Beside our mentors and churches, we strive to offer low cost mission trips as part of our programming.

Camp (coming soon)
Camp has been listed as one of the top places youth grow and flourish in their faith. We work beside churches to create environments at our camp that encourage youth to wrestle with and experience faith outside their everyday lives. Camp programming and purpose molds the request of the churches we partner with.